18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (2024)

Established in the 70s, the Bloods Gang, also known as Bloods, are a street gang based in California, USA. While they were initially created for avenging the death of two students in Compton, these days, they are known for their ongoing rivalry with Crips, another organization based in Southern California. Apart from that, they are known for the crimes they partake in, which involve theft, murder and drugtrafficking.

While there are loads of things members of the Bloods do to represent themselves and distinguish themselves from other gang members, they are widely recognized for the multiple tattoos they wear that symbolize the Bloods Gang.

In this article, we will be covering everything related to Bloods Gang tattoos and all the artwork that the members proudly showcase to represent what they commonly call their “home”.


    • Bloods Gang Tattoos and What They Symbolize
  • 18 Bloods Gang Tattoos to Embrace The Chaos
    • Bloods Gang Hand Tattoo
    • Bloods Gang Leg Tattoo
    • Chest Tattoo
    • Gang Sign Tattoo
    • Face Tattoo
    • The Bloods Gang Arm Tattoo
    • The Bloods Gang Finger Tattoo
    • Skull Tattoo
    • Lower Back Tattoo
    • Neck Tattoo
    • Pirus Tattoo
    • Female Bloods Tattoo
    • Gang Related Bloods Tattoo
    • Bloods Gang Shoulder Tattoo
    • United Blood Nation Tattoo (UBN Tattoo)
    • Blood Gang Star Tattoo
    • Crescent Moon Tattoo
    • Blood Gang Member
    • Conclusion

Bloods Gang Tattoos and What They Symbolize

Mainly invented to defend themselves against the Crips, the Bloods incorporated various tattoos over the years to separate themselves from the rest.

While the color palette only consisted of the color red, the designs involved paws, crowns, eagles, and even the number “5”, which remains the most famous tattoo variation amongst the list.

Though the number looks ordinary visually, it symbolizes the five principles that each gang member follows. The principles include love, honor, sacrifice, obedience, and righteousness.

Moreover, some of the tattoos that included paws were initially created to honor the collaboration between The Bloods and the United Bloods Nation.

18 Bloods Gang Tattoos to Embrace The Chaos

While the members identify themselves through the use of specific tattoos, there are loads of variations one may wear to represent their people and what they stand for. The color way often remains unchanged from red, but multiple patterns can be incorporated to a regular Bloods tattoo to add a dash of meaning to it and even make it look presentable.

Moving on, here are the various tattoo variations one may resort to when choosing a tattoo to represent and pay homage to the Bloods.

Bloods Gang Hand Tattoo

18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (1)

Often associated with one’s rebellious side, getting a hand tattoo will probably allow you to showcase the utmost respect you have for the Bloods. As the hand is often left exposed in most cases, almost everyone will be able to see the admiration you have for the gang if you introduce this tattoo to your arsenal.

Moreover, due to the ample amount of space available, you may add a list of tattoos related to the gang in order to make the whole artwork look just as presentable visually. Although the introduction of colors won’t be necessary, you may add different shades of red to the layout.

Bloods Gang Leg Tattoo

18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (2)

Leg tattoos are also very common amongst the Bloods. They often get a tattoo of the star with 5 sides, which symbolizes the 5 points of knowledge within the United Bloods Nation.

When recreating the tattoo, think outside the box. Try and add a crown framed shape to surround some of the symbols that the Bloods have. For instance, you can pair a “5” tattoo with the crown shaped frame instead of achieving a “5” star tattoo.

Chest Tattoo

18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (3)

If you’re not a fan of symbol and logo tattoos, one can always opt for a chest tattoo. Apart from the enormous amount of space the chest area offers, one can easily get the title of the Bloods without worrying about a creased font. To give it their own touch, they can pair the artwork up with shades of red and a quote that carries a lot of meaning in their lives.

Gang Sign Tattoo

18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (4)

After the crown tattoo and the “5” star tattoo, the gang signs that the Bloods communicate with are the most favorable options. They are simple and straightforward, two traits that the Bloods look up to and lean towards when living life.

Moreover, due to the simplicity of the design, getting this tattoo often involves little to no pain for the wearer, which can be great for those that are thinking of getting a tattoo near sensitive areas like the back of the neck and the fingers.

Face Tattoo

18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (5)

Face tattoos have really taken the tattoo world by storm. Similarly, face tattoos are extremely popular amongst the Bloods. This is due to the size of the tattoos and the presentability they usually contain. Although the sizes vary, the tattoo should be as small as possible when the tattoos represent the Bloods. You may make a combination of words related to the 5 star tattoo or can even get symbols that represent the organization.

The Bloods Gang Arm Tattoo

18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (6)

Arm tattoos are great for people that aren’t afraid of showing off their artwork. One can also create a chain of patterns when coming up with the groundwork for an arm tattoo, which is extremely favorable in this scenario.
People can incorporate the crown, the “5” icon to represent the gang’s fundamentals, and even add paws to pay respects to the members of the United Blood Nation.

The Bloods Gang Finger Tattoo

18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (7)

While a finger tattoo is painless, it is also extremely small, which is a great option for minimalists. It will allow a person to save time, and get a tattoo that looks neat.

Moreover, a finger tattoo of the Bloods gang would be an effective and straightforward way for one to raise awareness about the respect they have for the organization. When getting the tattoo itself, one may incorporate the crown tattoo or even a simpler tattoo with the number 5. They can also recreate the paw tattoo and add a red color scheme to it to make things more obvious.

Skull Tattoo

18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (8)

Skull tattoos are not as common in the Bloods Gang, but they are still one of the more prominent options that are available to members of the organization.

A skull tattoo in general contains loads of empathy and intimidation behind its artwork, but affiliating it with an artwork of the Bloods elevates the meaning that the combination carries.

Additionally, when getting skull tattoos, the members often get portraits of Tupac Shakur, American rapper and actor, who was affiliated with the Bloods when they identified themselves as members of the Pirus. He maintained his affiliation with them till the day he passed away in the 90s. Today, to pay homage to the rapper and hip-hop sensation, various members of the Bloods recreate this tattoo in their own way.

Lower Back Tattoo

18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (9)

This option is rather versatile since it can be incorporated by all genders. People can recreate symbols associated with The Bloods, and can even add multiple tattoos to complement the original artwork to increase the tattoos presentability.

In addition to the presentability lower back tattoos contain, the procedure involves zero to moderate pain, making it one of the more convenient places for recreating sizable tattoos that symbolize various things.

Neck Tattoo

18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (10)

A neck tattoo can also be a commendable way of reaching out to all the members of the Bloods. While lengthy tattoos will fit in the area without looking unusual, neck tattoos are better when they’re small and easy to understand.

Additionally, when recreating a tattoo of the Bloods near the neck, a person may choose the frontal region of the neck or can even pick one of the sides. For the sides, settling for fine line tattoos of one of their symbols would be ideal.

For the frontal region, however, a person may create an artwork with minor and major details to increase the sentimental value behind the tattoo.

Pirus Tattoo

18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (11)

Before the Bloods were founded, they were known as the Pirus. They were based in Compton back then, and even had a different symbol. Although they were extremely cooperative at first, multiple disputes occurred between gang members before the group ultimately called it quits.

Regardless of their rocky past, the pirus tattoo is an excellent investment for those that have an appreciation towards art and believe in having tattoos with good visuals. Since the tattoo mainly consists of an eagle, it can be paired up with loads of gang symbols and meaningful quotes without looking out of place.

Female Bloods Tattoo

18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (12)

The Bloods may be violent, but they welcome people of all genders with open arms. Additionally, even though most of these variations can be obtained by anyone regardless of their gender, there are specific tattoos that are more feminine than the others.

For instance, the 5 crown or star tattoo can be easily recreated as a fine-line or small tattoo if one wants to express their attachment to the Bloods. They can add vibrant colors instead of adding red to give the tattoo a cheerful vibe.

Gang Related Bloods Tattoo

18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (13)

If you want to show appreciation for the Bloods as well as the gangs they are affiliated with, perhaps this option is a must-have for you. Present the love you have for the Bloods and show it off in a room full of people by pairing tattoos of the Bloods and the organizations they collaborate with.

While there are loads of areas that are eligible for this tattoo, the chest and the abdomen are the best options. Not only will the wearer and the tattoo artist be able to make use of their creative thoughts, but the wearer will also be able to cover the tattoo and reserve it for their close friends and family members.

Bloods Gang Shoulder Tattoo

18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (14)

A shoulder tattoo is a great option for those that are rebellious and regularly wear sleeveless tops. They also make a person look more intimidating, which sort of adds to their appeal significantly.

While this tattoo is a mix of pirus and the Bloods, various things can be added to the artwork due to the spacious nature of the shoulder. One may add tattoos that symbolize loyalty, love, righteousness, and can even quote words that they live by.

United Blood Nation Tattoo (UBN Tattoo)

18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (15)

The paw tattoo, often referred to as the UBN tattoo, is a variation that is often picked up by members of the United Blood Nation. Since the gang consists of over 20,000 members, the organization follows a hierarchy to easily divide the newbies from the veterans. These tattoos are usually for the newest members of either the Bloods or the United Blood Nation.

Blood Gang Star Tattoo

18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (16)

This tattoo represents the 5 rules that every member of the Bloods abide by. Apart from the deep meaning it contains, the artwork involved in this variation is rather pleasing on the eyes. It often contains a star with a black and white color scheme, with the addition of words that are related to the 5 principles.

Additionally, since the layout of this tattoo is simple, it can be obtained anywhere on the body. Whether it is represented as a small tattoo or a humongous one, the Bloods Gang star tattoo will never look out of place and fail to have a positive impression on one’s physical appearance.

Crescent Moon Tattoo

18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (17)

This variation is one of the more visually appealing tattoos in this write-up. It involves a crescent moon, which is often used to symbolize fertility and motherhood. In this scenario, however, it is for bringing the United Blood Nation and The Bloods together to form one unit.

Furthermore, this variation is an excellent choice for a first tattoo. The artwork is also extremely versatile and can be incorporated in any area as a large tattoo or even a fine-line tattoo. Pairing it up with a meaningful quote or initials will add to the beauty behind the reason of the tattoo.

Blood Gang Member

18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (18)

When you’re in a gang, your accomplishments are defined by your tattoos. Similarly, while there are loads of experienced gang members that have sleeve tattoos, motif tattoos to represent their crew, some have so much love for the Bloods that tattoos become a part of their identity.

In short, you can either take an approach where you’ll gradually add more tattoos to your body, or go all in by adding tattoos to your whole body.

While getting the tattoos done might involve loads of pain, one can definitely make the most of their creative thinking when incorporating tattoos on their whole body.


We hope we have covered enough to provide enough knowledge to our readers regarding Bloods Gang tattoos. Remember that there are very few tattoos that define a gang member and that the color scheme should always be neutral or consist of the color red. If you’ve never gotten a tattoo before, make smaller investments and get a smaller tattoo first. Plan the aftermath according to how you feel about the first tattoo’s outcome.

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18 Meaningful Bloods Gang Tattoos to Represent the Culture (2024)
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