Why is CFMOTO so Cheap—Is the Bang Worth Your Buck? (2024)

It’s a common conception that things are cheaper when made outside the country—technology, apparel, and even side-by-sides. CFMOTO is a prime example of this. And they’re not hiding behind their small price tags.

In fact, their mission is to provide their customers with exceptional, top-end vehicles at affordable prices—that’s something we have in common. We pride ourselves in making quality products for top-end machines.

But does the small price tag represent the quality of the machine? Is there a true parallel between other side-by-sides manufactured in different countries (Polaris or Can-Am) and CFMOTO which is manufactured in China? Let’s take a look!

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Why is CFMOTO so Cheap?

It’s pretty simple—China has a concentrated supply chain and high efficiency. With all the materials and labor right there in front of them, they can produce materials at a much quicker and more affordable rate than other countries.

Since 1989 CFMOTO has been forging an existence in Hangzhou, China. During this time, CFMOTO’s reputation had consumers on the fence about purchasing their machines. Sure the price tag was affordable and eye catching, but the customer reviews support the fact that the parts were cheap and performed that way too.

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CFMOTO Shatters Cheap Assumptions

In 2002, CFMOTO made a strong rebuttal, manufacturing and releasing their first line of UTVs and ATVs. They’ve been able to dispute the popular assumption that CFMOTO “is made cheap” when their founder created and trademarked the liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine.

Does this type of engine seem familiar to you? It should—almost every side-by-side manufacturer (American and Foreign) have used it in one of their models. Since its release, CFMOTO has climbed to the top, making the list of most popular and profitable side-by-side manufacturers worldwide. But have they done enough in the last twenty years to shake the “cheap” label?

Yes, they have! Let’s make the comparison.

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CFMOTO UForce 1000 v. Polaris Ranger XP 1000 v. Can-Am Defender HD 9

SpecificationsCFMOTO UForce 1000
Ranger XP 1000
Can-Am Defender HD 9
Price Point$12,399$18,897$11,699
Engine Displacement963 cc999 cc976 cc
Horse Power79 HP82 HP65 HP
Payload Capacity1,500 lb.1,500 lb.1,500 lb.
Ground Clearance11.4 in.13 in.11 in.
Engine TypeV-Twin, liquid cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 8-valve4-Stroke Twin Cylinder DOHCV-twin, liquid-cooled
Top Standard Features• Multiple large storage bins
• High capacity cargo dump box
• “Drive-by-wire” electronic throttle
• 5″ TFT display
• “Gullwing” front A-arms
• LED projector headlights
• LED front and rear lights
• 2″ hitch receptacle
• Roof
• Full skid plates
• 3,000 lb. Winch
• 13.5 gal of built-in storage
• Lock & Ride Cargo System
• 4″ digital display
• Dual LED Taillamps
• Tilt Steering
• (4) 35 W reflectors and LED tail lights
• 4.5″ wide digital display
• Front steel bumper
• Skid plate
• 2″ hitch receiver

Take a look at the specs above—they’re a good reference point when you walk into a dealership ready to buy a CFMOTO off the showroom floor. No matter if you’re a seasoned buyer or not, you’re going to want to make sure the quality and specifications are an accurate representation of its monetary value. And after looking at the specs, you can tell CFMOTO has hit the nail on the head.

The table above shows that CFMOTO and Can-Am are competitively priced. And shockingly, the retail value of the Defender HD9 is less than CFMOTO’s UForce 1000. On the other hand, you have Polaris’ Ranger XP 1000, retailing at six thousand dollars more than both Can-Am and CFMOTO.

Besides the price tags, there’s not a big quantitive difference between the three side-by-sides. It’s safe to say the only thing Polaris has a leg up on is engine displacement and horsepower, but the margins aren’t anything to blow CFMOTO and Can-Am out of the water.

Now the standard features, that’s an entirely different ball game. CFMOTO knocks it out of the park. Their numbers double when it comes to the standard accessories you get on your machine, giving you a winch, full skid plate, LED lights, roof and more.

What are They Saying About CFMOTO on the Trail?

We all know the quality of a side-by-side is more than its actual makeup of hard parts and accessories. Check out our expert’s opinion if the specs aren’t enough to prove CFMOTO’s comeback.

Drew Heideman is our Engineering Technology Manager. He’s been with SuperATV for five years and riding side-by-sides for twenty-two. ”First thing I would say to everyone is go ride one—the quality of the ride will leave you surprised. The fit and finish are on par, if not better, than the top brand models you see today. And when you’re behind the wheel of a CFMOTO, you’ll find it’s responsive, powerful, and the clutch is smooth, which are all things you find in more expensive models. The first time I rode the UForce 1000, I was impressed with its power and how smooth the clutch engaged. Not only did I like how it drove, but the cab itself is nice and looks like a higher-end model.”

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Don’t want to take our word for it? Check out these CFMOTO reviews.

“If you are looking for a tough and well-made UTV that will not cost you as much as the name brands will, then CFMOTO UTVs are as good as they come.”

—Geoff Southworth from Outdoor Troop

“Our overall appreciation of CFMOTO UFORCE 1000 2019 is relatively high. Although it is not perfect, the overall quality is higher than the average vehicles in its class. The attention to details and the load capacity of the 2019 UFORCE 1000 make it possible to carry out the tasks to which this vehicle is intended to.”

—ATV Trail Rider

“The 2022 CFMoto UForce 1000 is the brand’s halo work side-by-side with its powerful engine, big cargo capacity, and impressive towing capabilities. Standard features include a TFT dash, and the rig looks distinctly upmarket, especially for the price point. If you want to look like you’re driving a Polaris without spending Polaris coin, here is your rig.”

—UTV Driver

CFMOTO’s Climbing to the Top

CFMOTO is on the heels of their success and gaining recognition as one of the top side-by-side manufacturers. They’ve put action behind their mission, changing the opinions of off-roading enthusiasts and riders daily. Do they manufacture and produce the majority of their lineup in China? Yes. Does it give us a cheaper price tag? Yes. But the affordable retail price doesn’t mean they have compromised the quality of their machines.

Their resilience over the last twenty years has put them in a great position. They don’t just sit among other great, internationally-recognized manufacturers such as Can-Am and Polaris. But they are challenging Can-Am and Polaris to put out the top side-by-sides on the market, which is great for us.

If you already have a CFMOTO, check out our machine protection, suspension parts, accessories and more.

Why is CFMOTO so Cheap—Is the Bang Worth Your Buck? (2024)
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